The Mayor of St. Louis Sports

He goes by many names: “The Mayor,” Mo, and to paraphrase The Steve Miller Band, some people call him Maurice. KTVI’s Maurice Drummond may be known by multiple names, but one thing remains consistent, his professionalism.

A Baltimore native, Drummond is a local sports anchor for KTVI Fox 2 in St. Louis. He has put in more than 20 years in the

“The Mayor” Maurice Drummond talks to students at Lindenwood about what it takes to make it in the sports journalism business. Photo Credit: Chris Nickler

Drummond has reached his goal, getting to interview some of the best the sports world has to offer.  His list of interview subjects includes Gretzky, Ali, Jordan, and Hank Aaron.

To get to that level in the sports journalism business, Drummond worked his way up. He began his career behind the scenes making sure the talent was prepared to the fullest.

“My job behind the scenes, I almost looked at it like being a secret service agent,” said Drummond.  “When you’re behind the scenes as a producer your job is to take care of the person in front of the camera.”

As is the case with most jobs, especially in the communications field, preparation is the key to success.  Drummond has mastered this key to perform to his fullest potential.

“When you want to prepare for a story, you want to make sure you, or the person you are working for, looks in the best light possible,” said Drummond. “So you have the best, tightest, and most complete comprehensive information.”

That experience and success working behind the scenes of networks such as ESPN, BET, and the Golf Channel allowed him to gain a sense of what it took to be in front of the camera.  About a decade or so ago, Drummond got his break, going from behind the scenes to a recognizable talent.

Among the duties that go with Drummond’s job is covering the local area schools for a show called “Sports Final.”

“I do a lot of preparation for my high school stuff, and try to study during the week, because I know I don’t have a lot of time to do that when the show hits,” he said.

The job of covering high schools along with other events around town presents challenges.  Drummond handles them in a pro’s pro way.

“A typical night is to get to as many places in as short a period of time as possible,” Drummond said.  “I have to then take the tape we have and edit that to highlights, and then I have to write it and get it front of a camera to present it.”

Some people might see covering prep sports as a step down from professional athletics.  Drummond is just the opposite. One of his recent stories involved covering the first state championship for the Kirkwood football team.

“I swear on ten stacks of Bibles it’s a thrill for me to interview a Kirkwood (player) because for these folks, it might be it for some of these people,” Drummond said. “To me there’s nothing like having that thrill to see kids come to together and winning a championship.”

Storytelling and bringing out emotion from a subject and audience are what drive Drummond.  The goal and vision are always the same.

“Whether its preps or pros or college, I love great stories,” Drummond said.  “It’s about people and stories, and that’s what I try to bring through when I’m doing my sportscast.”

No matter the subject, no matter the level, Drummond is going to produce an emotional, and above all, a professional finished product.


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