Here’s Johnny!

Nope, get the scary image of a crazed Jack Nicholson out of your head.  This is about Johnny Andrews, a guest speaker that came to class to talk about his career in journalism, specifically photojournalism.  He spoke candidly and did not beat around the  bush about the current state of the journalism business.  It is, as most people know, a tough business to get into.

photo and Johnny Andrews


Be a Chameleon

The best way is to be as he told us to be flexible about the changing landscape of the business.  Before, a person could just do still photos or just do video whatever the case, however as Andrews explained you have to be a chameleon of sorts.  The more you are capable of doing the better chance you will have to get your foot in the door.  In class, we have learned about having to learn all different kinds of technology and formats of journalism to increase our chances of landing a job.  Andrews’ words spoke right to that point showing that it was not just talk or words on the page of the book but actually what is going on in the real world these days.

He told us, “don’t put your eggs all in one basket, because if the basket breaks then the eggs all fall out and crack then you have no breakfast.”  That was a brilliant way of putting to us the situation that is taking place these days in the journalism business.  If you only insist on doing on thing then you are going to be out of a job pretty quickly or never even sniff a chance at getting in the door.

What drives him

He does a lot of videos that put his passion of music to a practical use and then in turn making a profit doing something that he loves.  In addition, he showed us and talked to us about pitching projects that you find that you are not only passionate about but something that people maybe are not fully taken a hold of.  He covered the local wrestling scene with video, interviews, and pictures that took the viewer and/or reader to a place that normally they would have not been able to get.


Passion is something that really spoke to me directly.  I want to do something I love and find a way to make money doing it at the same time.  Andrews has found a way to do this.  He loves music and now does these features on local bands.

photo credit:Johnny Andrews

He brings people and bands to the forefront and gives them exposure that they definitely would not have got on there own.  The videos are time consuming he explained; however Andrews told us that when you’re doing something you truly enjoy that the you have no problem putting forth the time and effort to make something great.

Listen and Learn

People can learn that it is possible with enough effort and will to find a way to make money doing something that really is fun and a passion.  Why be miserable he was telling us.  He simply did the work initially that the editors were wanting him to and then started to pitch the ideas of stories that were more up his alley.  The presentation showed that with time and persistence there are opportunities to  showcase your talent and tell stories that you find interesting.  If you show your interest and passion in something that will come through on the story, pictures, or videos and people will begin to notice.

photo: Johnny Andrews


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  1. I liked Johnny Andrew’s metaphors that he used in class. You focused on the great points he made with such comparisons and even illustrated one with a creative image.

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