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Arrowhead Pride

-Arrowhead Pride is a beat blog, and part of the larger network of SB Nation (sports blogs Inc.)  It is a blog about the Kansas City Chiefs primarily, however it does also allow for other football related topics from time-to-time. This site fits under the category of beat blog, because the site has several editors along with the two main writers and managers.  The website encourages comments from their readers.  Sometimes, a story will be posted as part of a story and people can come along on the first post and help influence or encourage the direction of the upcoming parts.  What I gathered from the text was that beat-blogging covers a certain topic and encourages frequent feedback.

-In addition student journalists could learn that this could be the future of online publishing of content.   People are going to expect to be able to leave a comment, tweet, or question about the article they are reading.  This site does what most do not.  If you are serious about a topic and write a full length article they may edit and use your story.  Over time a person with quality posts could become a contributor. This shows that there are new opportunities forming every day.

-Best thing the site does is allow for comments to not only be submitted but viewed by anyone even if you do not register with the site.  Something it does not do excellent would be when some people post it is under a nickname instead of first name last name which could lessen credibility.

-The game is changing because people are getting the chance to publish content with people who have similar interests.

-Personally, I like the roster, schedule, and Chiefs fans/players twitter feed on the left side.  This makes the site more than just articles you can hear from people and actual players.


10 Responses

  1. Really interactive site, it seems like you did your homework on it!

  2. This is a great idea how fans can get paid eventually if they keep writing and doing great amateur work for the site. I like these pieces on the site, and this is a site I even might end up regularly checking out! I also like how it looks professional and feels professional but is done mostly by pro-am journalists and fans.

  3. This is an awesome example of a Sb Nation blog. Did not realize this site was even out their until I seen it for the blog post I did. Great job explaining the site you knew more than I did.

  4. I think it’s important to have professionals edit the stories, especially on sports stories. Fans can get too passionate when they talk about their team. This seems like the site does try to keep some professionalism to it. The contributors who are getting paid need to be professional. I like the hyperlocal aspect of this site. Sports teams are are local aspects even though they travel nation-wide. But, for the most part, the fans are centralized to specific area.

  5. Good job explaining how this system works. You were very clear. Enjoyed your presentation.

    The Twitter feed is super cool as well.

  6. This website has really good content and i’m a big fan of sports as well, so i really enjoyed it

  7. Great job. This sports blog is a great way to find the team that viewers are a fan of.

  8. Its so cool that amateurs can get paid for writing for the site. The site seems very organized and easy to get around. Thanks for showing it to us!

  9. The different interactivity is cool because you can look at specific cities and gives you the content you want to read. It is also cool that you can eventually get paid if you are writing good stuff.

  10. Hi to every body, it’s my first visit of this web site;
    this web site includes remarkable and in fact fine data for readers.

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